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Vric Consulting Founding Consultant - Steve Stuart

It's scary to think that my first job in recruitment was 25 years ago. But my grounding there and in other commercial fields allowed for me to make the most of the opportunity of a six month contract at Walsall Council administering a PSL for the provision of temporary staff.


Six months? I was there for 13 years, setting up and running a number of workforce related contracts and worked across region becoming technical lead for temporary recruitment for West Midland Children's Services.

This lead to an appointment as the first regional Workforce Co-Ordinator. Where I continued my successful work of interfacing with the public sector, delivering outcomes, improving service levels, avoiding cost and implementing sustainable solutions. 

I've never been able to lose the entrepreneurial bug though, and the ability to formulate new, innovative and creative solutions for a wider range of clients seems like a perfect opportunity.

I have built a reputation based on honesty, integrity and an ability to get things done. 

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