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Active Research

When commissioning a VRIC Consultant you are also commissioning a piece of research in a related area which is designed to increase knowledge and understanding in this area and to allow for greater evidence based decision making. 

This page details all active and planned research and, in time, will contain the published research reports.

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Signing Contract
Workforce Capacity and Resilience - Live


Commenced in October 2020 this research seeks to look at the impacts of Children's Services and Trusts on Workforce Capacity. 


It also seeks to consider the potential draw on available contingent labour and  perception of alternative methods of service delivery.

Executive Search and Selection - in development


Due to commence in Summer 2021 this piece of work seeks to map the usage and value add provided by Executive Search and Selection and the potential impact of these processes on diversity amongst senior leaders. 

Benefits of MSP models to Children's Services - Live

With data collation in Spring this research will look at the impact of different supply models on the compliant provision of contingent labour and the levels of off contract spend. 

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