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SERVICES - Private Sector

VRIC Consulting is uniquely placed to provide an interfacing service for Private Sector Organisations wishing to increase their business with the Public Sector. 

With significant experience in both sectors coupled with creative insight and a flair for the innovative we are the perfect partners to add value to your business. 

Please note that professional and personal integrity is of critical importance and we will not be unable to offer services which may conflict with those with an existing current client. 

Upward Curve
IT Consulting
Business Development


What is your focus? Better quality of business? Greater business share? Greater geographical coverage? New contractual opportunities?

VRIC Consulting has experience in knowing the procurement and commissioning behaviours of prospective customers and this can be used to assist you achieve your objectives. 

Product development


Have an idea? 


VRIC consultants can help you develop it into something that may have commerical legs. 


Our experience in assisting public sector organisations in addressing workforce issues has given unparalleled insights into what is required, where and when. 

Marketing development

Want to know how something will read to your potential customers? 

VRIC consultants have many years experience in purchasing and supporting workforce solutions. We can provide an insight in how your presentation, website, tender, policies and other materials may be perceived. 

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