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  • Naomi Beckford

Definitely #BossingIt

Founding Consultant, Steve Stuart, recently delivered the famed seminars Bossing It and Perfect Fit to dozens of Social Work Professionals seeking to progress in their careers.

The Compass Jobs Fair & Social Work Innovations Conference was held at Birmingham Exhibition and Conference Centre on 15th March and hundreds of delegates and exhibitors enjoyed a good day with a real buzz about the venue.

Vric Consulting delivered 4 seminars during the day and these showcased not only the quality and accessibility of the training on offer but also the ability to engage with audience and gain their swift and immediate feedback.

,Feedback forms were completed and were able to be reported on within minutes. Universally positive feedback was gained from all sessions, captured into our research and reporting software, converted into suitable statistical graphics and then immediately shared on twitter.

One example tweet is available via this link

Founding Consultant Steve Stuart, who delivered the seminars reported, "The Bossing It session is a lot of fun to deliver, but reducing it into a 40 minute session is a challenge. To overcome some of this challenge some slides were recorded and then uploaded to YouTube for delegates to view at their convenience"

"The feedback received was very gratifying and I'd like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the sessions."

Bossing It and Perfect Fit are available to Social Work Faculties, Internal Academies and to Teaching Partnerships as well as part of individual career development plans.

Bespoke planning allows the sessions to be delivered as a lecture, lecture / seminar, or workshop formats.

The abridged Bossing It and Perfect Fit seminars, designed for delivery at conferences, will next be on show at Social Work Wellbeing Conference at London's Marriott Hotel on Monday 9th May. Further details available here.

Full feedback from the sessions is available via @ConsultingVric or on request via email

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