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Working often in the field of contingent labour it has always struck me about how certain sections are demonised.

The very number of words that are used to describe a wide range of people who do not provide their services as part of the payroll of that organisation.

Temps have a bad rap. But interims, locums and consultants are often exactly the same thing albeit differently priced.

But again the principles behind usage should be the same. Maybe consultants are bringing in extra skills or experience that is not present in the salaried work force, but that could be true for those who are paid on a timesheet basis.

In thee course of setting up this website I have had a need to draw on the skills of people who are experts in their field. The team at Ivy Rose Studios have produced some fine portraiture which is now on this website. Sid Robbins is a fantastically skilled man, an expert in many fields and he has taken my scribble of a logo and turned it into something that will be used on a variety of materials....many of which he will have a hand in designing.

But apart from gratuitous plugs for these professionals (There are links in the footer bar of this website in case you have the need of their fantastic services) what is the point of this blog.

Well I suppose is that consultancy, as opposed to any other contingent labour, needs to be be outcome focused (And if necessary rewarded on the delivery of these outcomes). The need to draw on expertise is what many leaders have to do every day, recognising talent within organisations is often overlooked. The inability to acknowledge or properly resource the addressing of a need is something that will have repercussions for any business operationally or reputationally.

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