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  • Naomi Beckford

The Notices are in...

Founding Consultant, Steve Stuart, delivered the Seminar "Bossing It." to rapt audiences at the recent Compass jobs fair in Birmingham.

The session is designed to improve the interview techniques of those seeking positions within the public sector, and social work in particular.

The Bossing It range of courses are available in various formats. Lecture / Seminar. Workshop. Address and exercises.

Steve said, "I am delighted with the feedback from what was a very positive day with very enthusiastic delegates. I was particularly pleased with the feedback on the length of the course as this was the first time it had been slimmed down to a 40 minute session.

"Whilst on first viewing the feedback may be more variable I'd much rather folks want more rather than less!! There has also been good uptake of the online resources with greater detail of some slides being watched by attendees after the event.

"The clarity and usefulness of the course are well known by now, but it is always good to see that everyone who attended was confident of their performance at their next interview"

The Bossing It sessions will be delivered again as part of the Compass Jobs Fair at the Marriot Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London on Monday 22nd November

Aggregated feedback from the Birmingham Sessions is below.

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