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  • Naomi Beckford

Vric Consulting live at Social Work Innovations Conference

Founding Consultant, Steve Stuart, will be delivering seminars at conferences in Birmingham and London.

As detailed on the website the first session on job interview techniques for Social Workers is entitled "Bossing it" and is described thus

"Maximise your performance in Interviews in this seminar with a number of different techniques. With 17 successful years supporting recruiting social workers for public and private sector Steve is widely regarded as the country’s foremost Social Work Workforce strategist. Whether for your first ever role, a move into management or a senior leadership position, learn about how to prepare and present yourself in this fun and engaging session."

The second seminar is called "Perfect Fit" and is advertised as follows:

"Your skills are in demand. But how do you know which role will best support your professional and personal aspirations? In this innovative session, learn what questions to ask of yourself and any prospective employer to help you achieve your individual goals; Identify key documentation to inform your decisions; and hear the latest research from Vric Consulting around social worker career motivations and consider how to interpret the messages from prospective employers."

Both sessions are available on 4th October 2021 in Birmingham. Further sessions will be held on 22nd November in London. To book tickets or learn details of other seminars, CPD opportunities and exhibitors are available at

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